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Zephyr Gilat is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. She is a Zephyr who is in favor of the Galactic Empire. Gilat is portrayed by Julia Farino, first appearing in the episode "Death and the Maiden".

General Information[]

Zephyr Gilat is the front runner to become the new leader of Luminism after Proxima Opal died. However, an opponent to her rises in the form of Zephyr Halima. She has charisma which worries Gilat. When Brother Day arrives at the Salt Palace, he meets with Zephyr Gilat to discuss the situation, and she says Halima is a threat and something tangible is needed to win the people over. She is pleased to see Brother Day pledge a desalination system to stop the moon going without clean water. Later, at the service for the Proxima, Gilat makes the eulogy for the Proxima but is interrupted by Halima, who makes a rousing speech which hints at her disdain for the current state of the Galactic Empire.[2]


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