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Trantor is a planet. The Genetic Dynasty, led by the current Emperor, Brother Day, rule the Galactic Empire from Trantor.

General Information[]

The capital planet of the Galactic Empire, Trantor is the seat of power for the Genetic Dynasty. Much of the planet is covered by an outer shell, housing subterranean levels where the skies and stars were artificially projected onto the domed shell. Fully half of Level 64 was dedicated to servers creating the image. Only the Emperors laid claim to whatever remained of the natural world. Trantor Station lay in orbit, where incoming jump ships docked to ferry passengers to and from the planet. Once past border control, visitors rode a car down the Star Bridge to the surface of Trantor, a trip that took fourteen hours to complete. Trantor was also the location of Streeling University, the Imperial Library, and a Seer Church on Level 22.[1]

From the Foundation Books[]

Trantor is a planet situated in the Galactic Center, as close to the core as any planet can be. Considered the centre of the galaxy, all distances from the Core were marked by their relation to Trantor. The capital and administrative center of the Galactic Empire, Trantor is ruled by the Galactic Emperors such as Cleon I of the Entun dynasty. At its height, 40 billion citizens lived on the planet.

Trantor is a domed planet, with much of its infrastructure placed underground to support its billions of inhabitants. Food supplies were required to be imported to Trantor from neighboring worlds, and was subdivided into over eight hundred different sectors all with wildly varying cultures. One notable institution was Streeling University, where Hari Seldon taught mathematics.


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