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A trader leaving town after making a delivery
A trader leaving town after making a delivery

To trade for goods you must have a place to keep them. Usually this is a warehouse.

The best way to get Tools in the early parts of the game is to trade for them. For this you need an active trade route to a neighboring village that trades tools and a warehouse set to ACCEPT Tools.

In order to setup trade for tools initially you must:

1) Click the trade button in the top-right corner of the screen, and choose a neighboring village to unlock trade with.

2) In this same trade dialog, go to the 'trading resources' tab, click the green arrow beside tools, and specify how many you wish to buy.

3) build a warehouse, and have it stock 'tools'

City Item Sells For (You Buy) Buys For (You Sell)
Northbury Berries.png Berries Gold.png Gold (4)
Northbury Polished Stone.png Polished Stone Gold.png Gold (6)
Northbury Planks.png Planks Gold.png Gold (5)
Northbury Wine.png Wine Gold.png Gold (120)
Myddle Bread.png Bread Gold.png Gold (10)
Myddle Tools.png Tools Gold.png Gold (10)
Myddle Sword.png Sword Gold.png Gold (25)
Myddle Jewelry.png Jewelry Gold.png Gold (150)
Davenport Fish.png Fish Gold.png Gold (4)
Davenport Common Clothes.png Common Clothes Gold.png Gold (10)
Davenport Honey.png Honey Gold.png Gold (20)
Davenport Barrel.png Barrel Gold.png Gold (20)
Northbury Honey.png Honey Gold.png Gold (40)
Northbury Glass.png Glass Gold.png Gold (50)
Northbury Tools.png Tools Gold.png Gold (20)
Northbury Barrel.png Barrel Gold.png Gold (40)
Northbury Fish.png Fish Gold.png Gold (10)
Myddle Coal.png Coal Gold.png Gold (2)
Myddle Iron.png Iron Gold.png Gold (10)
Myddle Fish.png Fish Gold.png Gold (10)
Myddle Wine.png Wine Gold.png Gold (160)
Myddle Berries.png Berries Gold.png Gold (8)
Davenport Grapes.png Grapes Gold.png Gold (10)
Davenport Herbs.png Herbs Gold.png Gold (40)
Davenport Polished Stone.png Polished Stone Gold.png Gold (10)
Davenport Sword.png Sword Gold.png Gold (50)
Davenport Bread.png Bread Gold.png Gold (20)