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Synnax is a water planet with a repressive society. Gaal Dornick, a mathematical prodigy, is from the planet Synnax.

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Synnax is a world with extensive water coverage. The Seer Church is prevalent on the planet, with the native Synnaxians believing in the religion and communing with their god through prayer stones inserted into a person's cheeks. Because of the religious nature of the planet, science and mathematics were not trusted.[1] Overmining of the planet's volcanic vents started to melt the planet's ice-caps and warms the oceans, leading to the warmer waters causing the algae blooms to start dying off.[2] During an event known as the Cleanse, scientists were regarded as heretics and drowned, as well as universities being burned. Gaal Dornick, a mathematical prodigy, tried to warn the planet that their sea levels were rising but was regarded as a heretic for studying science.[1]

From the Foundation Books[]

Synnax is a world that orbits a star at the edge of the Blue Drift. The residents of the planet are considered to be “provincial”, at least by the more urban residents of the planet Trantor. The world is notable for being the homeworld of Psychohistorian Gaal Dornick, a mathematical prodigy. Despite its provincial reputation, Synnax is not completely separate from galactic civilization and the coronations of the Emperors are broadcast on the world.


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