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The Star Bridge is a space elevator linking the planet Trantor to the orbiting Trantor Station.[1] The vision of Emperor Cleon I, the Star Bridge began construction during his reign and he was regretful that he would not live to see its completion.[2] Visitors arriving on Trantor would enter cars aboard Trantor Station, then make the fourteen-hour journey to the surface of the planet.[1]

During the rule of Cleon XII, the Star Bridge and Trantor Station was attacked by terrorists. A terrorist identified as being from Anacreon used a nano-lace explosive to blow up a car during the descent phase, severing the Star Bridge from the station. The Bridge fell, wrapping itself around the planet and destroying several levels of the city planet in a swath of destruction that left millions of Imperial citizens dead.[1] The wound in the planet became known as the Scar.[3]



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