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"Because you were in the primary blast radius, Gaal and Shivaughn, both of you suffered from overpressure to your hollow organs. I could try, but I doubt I could find a more painful way to die."
—The Simulation Instructor[src]

Shivaughn is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. She is a member of the Foundation, and a crewmember aboard the Deliverance. Shivaughn is portrayed by Johanna O'Brien, first appearing in "Preparing to Live."

General Information[]

Shivaughn volunteered to join the Foundation and travel onboard the slow ship Deliverance to the planet Terminus. She worked in the ship's seed bank, as well as training to survive on Terminus alongside Gaal Dornick, Abbas, Briwan, and Mari. Shivaughn alerted Gaal to a potential problem with Lowre, who was considering remaining pregnant during the voyage rather than placing the embryo in the seed back.[1] Upon arrival at Terminus, Shivaughn was part of the initial scouting team that discovered the Vault.[2]


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