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Season One is the first season of Foundation on Apple TV+. The series consists of ten episodes; the first three episodes are scheduled to air on September 24, 2021. Rupert Sanders directs the first episode, while Alex Graves, Jennifer Phang, and Roxann Dawson will all direct episodes of the series.


Image Episode Information
Foundation Ep1.jpg      "The Emperor's Peace"
Gaal Dornick leaves her life at Synnax behind when the galaxy's greatest mathematician, Hari Seldon, invites her to Trantor.
Foundation Ep2.jpg      "Preparing to Live"
The Foundation makes the long journey to Terminus as Gaal and Raych grow closer. The Empire faces a difficult decision.
Foundation Ep3.jpg      "The Mathematician's Ghost"
  • Airdate: October 1, 2021
  • Episode / Series Number: 03 / 03
  • Directed by: Alex Graves
  • Written by: Olivia Purnell
Brother Dusk reflects on his legacy as he prepares for ascension. The Foundation arrives on Terminus and finds a mysterious object.
Foundation Ep4.jpg      "Barbarians at the Gate"
  • Airdate: October 8, 2021
  • Episode / Series Number: 04 / 04
  • Directed by: Alex Graves
  • Written by: Lauren Bello
Salvor faces off with an enemy of the Empire. Brothers Day and Dusk are at odds, while Brother Dawn wrestles with his truth..