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Salvor Hardin is one of the main characters of the Apple TV+ series Foundation. Intuitive, with foxlike intelligence, Salvor is the protective Warden of Terminus. She has a mysterious connection to the Vault, being the only person on Terminus capable of withstanding the effects of the null field. Salvor is portrayed by Leah Harvey, first appearing in the episode "The Emperor's Peace".

General Information[]

Early life[]

Salvor Hardin was born on Terminus to colonists Mari and Abbas. From a young age, Salvor showed a connection to the mysterious Vault; at the age of four, Salvor walked out to the Vault and stood underneath it without the null field affecting her. Her mother tried to crawl after her and called her name, but Salvor could not understand why the Vault was hurting her when she was unaffected by it. Salvor always believed that the Vault was calling to her, almost like an imaginary friend. As the years passed, Salvor was considered an outlier to Hari Seldon's plan and did not join the Foundation, but succeeded her father, Abbas, as Warden of Terminus. Her duties consisted of providing for the protection of the colony.[1]

Salvor rescues young colonist Poly after he attempts to approach the Vault, part of a game played by the children of the colony. Affected by the null field generated by the artifact, Poly is rendered unconscious and dragged down the mountainside by Salvor. Giving him food to recover, she sends him on his way after warning him of a bishop's claw in the area.[2] Salvor's connection to the Vault later manifested as visions of a young boy with a knife running away; following the boy led Salvor to discover that a force of Anacreons had landed on the planet.[1] After capturing their leader, Phara, by taking her to the Vault and using the null field to render her unconscious, Salvor intended to find out why the Anacreons were on Terminus.[3]

From the Foundation Books[]

Salvor Hardin is regarded as one of the greatest mayors to ever govern over the planet Terminus. Serving five terms as mayor, Hardin was known for his deft handling of foreign affairs. Hardin was born on Terminus and when elected to the position of the Mayor found that his role was constantly undermined by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Hardin campaigns for city representation at the Board of Trustees meetings and is eventually allowed to attend.

Hardin comes to learn of Terminus’ true purpose as Hari Seldon’s attempts to preserve science and civilization in the face of a crumbling Galactic Empire. Outmaneuvering the Board, Hardin takes the role of head of state for the Foundation and Terminus. A new religion, Scientism, is created by Hardin and his advisor, Yohan Lee, which regards scientific occurrences as sacred. Hardin uses Scientism to subjugate nearby interplanetary kingdoms that have fallen to barbarism to increase the power and reach of the Foundation.


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