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Proxima Opal is a character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. She is the late Proxima of Luminism, whose death triggers a succession crisis between Zephyr Halima and Zephyr Gilat, the theological implications of which affect the entire empire. She is portrayed by Helen Portelli, first appearing in the episode "Barbarians at the Gate".

General Information[]

Proxima Opal was the leader of Luminism, one of the major religions of the Galaxy. Her death triggered a succession crisis, as the expected succession of Zephyr Gilat was contested by Zephyr Halima wished to return to the Primary Octavo, a pre-imperial script that held that the soul cleaved to only one body. This had major ramifications for Luminism and its followers' loyalty to the Galactic Empire's cloned Genetic Dynasty.[1]

Wishing to avert the crisis of a potential return to the Primary Octavo, Emperor Cleon XIII personally traveled off-world to attend Opal's funeral, being the first Emperor to leave Trantor since the accession of Cleon I.[2]


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