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Preparing to Live is the second episode of Foundation's first season on Apple TV+. It aired on September 24, 2021 alongside the first episode, "The Emperor's Peace." The episode was written by Josh Friedman and David S. Goyer based on the novels by Isaac Asimov. Andrew Bernstein directed the episode.


The Foundation makes the long journey to Terminus as Gaal and Raych grow closer. The Empire faces a difficult decision.


Imperial forces under the direction of Demerzel raid an illegal biohacking facility on the dwarf planet Aethra seeking information about the nano-lace explosives used by the terrorists who destroyed the Star Bridge. Despite Demerzel's best efforts, the true architects of the attack remain undiscovered.

A slow ship carries Hari Seldon and his Foundation through space, bound for Terminus. At their current speed, it will take four years and four months to reach the planet, allowing the Foundation time to prepare and plan for living and surviving on Terminus. The training sims result in failures, and projections for deaths of Foundation personnel after settling Terminus are high.

The representatives of Anacreon and Thespis continue to deny any involvement in the bombing of the Star Bridge, despite evidence that the bombers were from those worlds. Jerril finds it hard to believe that the two planets would cooperate on a venture like this, given that historically they hate each other more than they hate the Empire.

As the senior member of the Genetic Dynasty, Brother Dusk works on the Mural of Souls. He falters while climbing a ladder and sees his hand begin to shake. Angry, Dusk takes out his frustration on the paint and ladder before storming off. Demerzel accompanies Dusk to the Scar, where the Star Bridge tether crashed into Trantor. Dusk tours to the destruction and meets with a priest of the Seer Church, wondering if Gaal is a true Seer who forsees the fall of the Empire.

Aboard the slow ship, the members of the Foundation continue to prepare to live on Terminus. Gaal takes on more responsibility in the Foundation, dealing with personal issues and attending a Foundation budget allocation meeting in Hari's stead. Gaal and Raych have grown close over the time onboard, developing a romantic relationship. Hari admits that he did not expect to be exiled as part of his plan.

In a show of strength, Brother Day orders Anacreon and Thespis to be bombed. In a ceremony on Trantor, images of the attacks are broadcast while he executes members of the diplomatic delegations. Only the ambassadors are allowed to live, to take word back to the survivors of their worlds that they failed to save them.

Aboard the slow ship, Gaal senses something is amiss and begins searching for Raych only to discover that he has stabbed Hari. When the ship's systems detect Hari's life signs have ceeased, Raych grabs Gaal and runs to the escape pods with her, ejecting her, and the weapon used to kill Hari, into space.



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