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The null field emanating from the Vault.

"It's not just people it keeps away. It's everything. It's birds, insects. No one's ever gotten through the null field, and no one ever will. It's warning us to stay away. So stop tempting fate."
—Salvor Hardin to Poly[src]

A null field was a type of technology that could discourage anything from approaching. The Vault on Terminus generated a null field that disorientated humans, making it almost impossible for them to approach. The field also kept animals and insects away from the Vault. Only Salvor Hardin has demonstrated the ability to not be affected by the null field. As Warden, Salvor kept an eye on the null field and on occasion rescued local children who tried to approach the Vault as part of a game.[1] Being unaffected by the null field, Salvor would also test its limits; in 12,102 Era Imperial, it was discovered that the null field was expanding.[2]

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