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"I know what the math is. I know that what we're doing on this ship isn't really living. We're just preparing to live. For some of us to live. It's the Plan."
—Lowre to Gaal Dornick[src]

Lowre is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. She is a member of the Foundation and an engineer aboard the Deliverance. Lowre is portrayed by Kim Adis, first appearing in "Preparing to Live."

General Information[]

Lowre volunteered to join the Foundation and travel on board the slow ship Deliverance to the planet Terminus. She worked in the ship's engineering department. During the voyage, Lowre got pregnant and did not want to give up the embryo to the ship's seed bank despite the chances of space travel adversely affecting the pregnancy. Shivaughn learned of the situation and brought it to Gaal Dornick's attention who talked with Lowre about the risks. Lowre eventually decided to follow protocol and place the embryo in the ship's seed bank.[1] Upon arriving at Terminus, Lowre was part of the initial scouting team that discovered the Vault.[2]


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