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Laylo Fulham is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. She is one of the colonist's children on Terminus who are intrigued by the mysterious Vault. Laylo is portrayed by Joni Morris in the series, first appearing in the episode "The Emperor's Peace."

General Information[]

Laylo Fulham is a young girl who lives on the planet Terminus,[2] and is the daughter of Yate, a watchman for Terminus City.[1] Along with her friends, Gia and Poly, and her brother, Keir, she is fascinated by the mysterious Vault. She was presented when Poly tried to get close to the Vault to see the "ghost" but passed out under its influence. Laylo and the others had to run back to town for help.[2]

Laylo later greeted Hugo when he arrived on Terminus,[3] and was present when the Anacreons surrounded the colony after their leader, Phara Keaen, was captured by Salvor Hardin.[4] Laylo watched as her mother faced off against the Anacreons surrounding the city, and helped her to withdraw when she was wounded in the fighting.[1]


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