Keybindings and controls in the game.

Camera Controls

A - Strafe camera left

D - Strafe camera right

W - Move camera forward

S - Move camera backward

Q - Rotate camera left

E - Rotate camera right

R - Tilt camera up

F - Tilt camera down

MMB/MB3 - Pan camera around in the direction of mouse movement

Ctrl + MMB/MB3 - Move camera around in the direction of mouse movement

Mouse Wheel Up - Zoom in

Mouse Wheel Down - Zoom Out

Ctrl + U - Show/Hide GUI

Interface Controls

Esc - Close active panel and switch focus to the next recently used panel

Backspace - Close all panels

Space - Pauses game speed

+ - Speed up game speed

- - Slow down game speed

Building Placement

Mouse movement - Locate

LMB - Place building

Ctrl + mouse movement - Rotate building

Modular Building

LMB/MB1 - Place component

Ctrl + mouse movement - Rotate component

RMB/MB2 - Remove component

Hover Icon height.png + Drag - Set height component

Zoning Tool

LMB/MB1 - Define Zone

RMB/MB2 - Undefine Zone

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel - Increase/Decrease brush size

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