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The Invictus is ancient, legendary, derelict Imperial military jump ship. It became central to Phara Keaen's and her fellow Anacreons' plans of vengeance against the Galactic Empire.

General Information[]

The Invictus was considered to be the "crown jewel of Emperor Taurelian's fleet" circa seven hundred years before 12,102 Era Imperial. It was said to be the most powerful Imperial weapons platform of the era.[1] The ship itself is around 1km in diameter.


Becoming a ghost ship[]

Seven hundred years ago, the crew somehow lost control of the ship's propulsion systems, leading the ship to sporadically jump at random. Since the ship could reach limitless distances instantaneously, the ship and the crew ended far beyond communications range with Imperial forces. Soon, supplies ran out and in desperation the crew turned on and killed one another, After the crew killed themselves off, the ship continued its random jumps to random places, giving rise to a "ghost ship" legend.[1]

Anacreon Rediscovery[]

The ship was discovered adrift by the Anacreons who wished to salvage the ship to launch a strike on Trantor and "bring the Galactic Empire to its knees" gaining revenge for the neutron bomb bombardment of their homeworld, by using the ship to wreak a similar fate upon the throne-world. Previous attempts to board and salvage the ship failed due to the Invictus still having active defense systems which destroyed several Anacreon corvettes.[1]

Quickly formulating a new strategy, the Anacreons, led personally by Phara Keaen, its Grand Huntress, took over the Foundation's colony on Terminus for the sole purpose of gaining the expertise from the Foundation's scientists. The Anacreon people lacked the knowledge to recover and refurbish the ship, so Phara Keaen assembled a group of experts from among the populace consisting of astronautic specialist and Foundation director Lewis Pirenne, propulsion expert Akiva Lee, and chief environmental engineer Jacenta Rov. Salvor Hardin and Hugo were brought along to fly the Beggar ship. As part of their plan to salvage the ship the Anacreons also lured a contemporary Imperial jump ship, the Aegis, to Terminus in an effort to capture a senior Imperial officer. Commander Kray Dorwin was taken prisoner in order to gain access to the nanorobotic biometrics within his body which would in turn allow the Anacreons access to any Imperial ship, including the Invictus.[1]


The age of the Invictus meant that it had several technological differences from contemporary jump ships. Its propulsion systems included an older model jumpdrive that necessitated being maintained by liquid coolant.[1] Its navigation systems were built before the existence of Spacers. This meant that an augmented navigator, in conjunction with a sophisticated onboard artificial intelligence, was necessary to navigate through the jump. The crew also had to use jump cradles to be sedated for the jump, with an automated countdown warning how long the crew had to reach the cradle before the jump itself.[2] The Invictus had weapon systems that were powerful even by contemporary technological standards. It possessed a network of external and internal defense systems which consisted at least partially of long and short range turreted weapons and internal energy fields that disintegrated non-authorized personnel, similar to Terminus’ more advanced field. It also is described as having other unspecified weaponry capable of planetary-scale destruction.[1]

Known Crew[]

  • Unknown original crew-members (deceased)

Boarding party:



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