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"Please see Master Ilan, Empire. He's waiting for your final fitting."
—Demerzal to Cleon XI[src]

Master Ilan is a minor character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. He is a tailor working for the Emperors of the Galactic Empire. Ilan is portrayed by Garry Mountaine in the Apple TV+ series, appearing in "The Mathematician's Ghost."

General Information[]

Master Ilan serves the Galactic Empire as a tailor, alongside his apprentice, Daia. In 12,086 Era Imperial, Ilan prepared the outfit that Cleon XI would wear to his ascension. During the fitting, it became obvious that age had caused Ilan's hands to become unsteady. At Cleon XI's urging, he passed on the task of finishing the garment to Daia.[1]


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