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Tier one and two Houses
Tier one and two Houses

A House is one of the Buildings in Foundation. These cannot be built by the player and their construction is spontaneous, determined by demand, desirability and the availability of space as zoned using the Residential Development Zone tool. All 4 requirements; demand, desirability, builder availability and zoning must be met before new housing will be constructed

Demand[edit | edit source]

Every new villager to your village needs a place to stay. If sufficient housing is not already available a citizen will commission a new house by selecting a building site and recruiting a builder. A builder and sufficient materials must be available before the house can be constructed.

Zoning[edit | edit source]

Houses can only be built in Residential Development Zones

Desirability[edit | edit source]

New houses will only be built in Residential Zones where the desirability is average or higher. You can check an area's desirability by activating the residential zoning tool. Green areas have average or higher desirability. A market can bring a zone's level of desirability up to average. Additional buildings, such as a well or a church nearby will increase the area's desirability. You can also increase the desirability by planting things like decorative bushes and trees.

Housing Level and Density[edit | edit source]

For your villagers to reach the next level, they need to upgrade their house to the next level. For this upgrade building material is needed:

Level Needed building material
1 Wood.png Wood (10)
2 Planks.png Planks (10)
3 Planks.png Planks (10) Stone.png Stone (10)

Housing density determines how many citizens can reside in each. Density 1 can house two citizens, while Density 2 can house six.

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