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Gia is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. She is one of the colonist's children on Terminus who are intrigued by the mysterious Vault. Gia is portrayed by Chloe Lea in the series, first appearing in the episode "The Emperor's Peace."

General Information[]

Gia is a young girl who lives on the planet Terminus. Along with her friends, Poly, Keir, and Laylo, she is fascinated by the mysterious Vault. Gia made a bet with Keir that he couldn't put his marker past the first rock, and was happy when Keir was forced to turn back under the influence of the null field. When Poly tried the same to see the "ghost", he passed out under its influence. Gia and the others had to run back to town for help.[1]

Gia later greeted Hugo when he arrived on Terminus.[2] During the Anacreons attack on Terminus City, Gia and Poly managed to rescue Salvor when she was held captive by the Anacreons. Gia knocked out the guard with a piece of metal as Poly created a distraction. The pair then dragged the unconscious Salvor into the geothermal tunnels.[3]


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