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The Genetic Dynasty; Brother Dawn (Cleon XIII), Brother Day (Cleon XII), and Brother Dusk (Cleon XI).

The Genetic Dynasty is the ruling family of the Galactic Empire, created from clones of Cleon I in order to prevent problems of succession, thereby establishing "imperishable permanence" in an effort to maintain the status quo.[1] Three clones decanted at different ages comprise the dynasty at any one time, Brother Dawn, a prepubescent clone whose role is to watch and learn the ways of the emperor in preparation for ascension, Brother Day, a middle aged clone, who functions as first among equals and does most of the ruling, and Brother Dusk, an elderly Cleon clone whose role is to advise Brother Day and mentor Brother Dawn.[2] Upon reaching an unspecified age, each clone will ascend to the next position with the eldest being ascended to Brother Darkness through euthanisation.

One of the standard protocols controlling the Genetic Dynasty is that the primary Cleon, Brother Day, is to never leave Trantor. Off-world matters of state usually being handled by Brother Dusk.[3] At any time, identical clones of each member of the active Genetic Dynasty are kept in the Imperial Palace, constantly being updated on the lives of their active counterparts in case those Emperors are killed or injured in the line of duty. In that event, the clone is awoken and is ready to take over the role as soon as possible.[4]


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