Gathering Hut

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Gathering Hut
Gathering Camp.png
Unlocked By 1 Newcomer
Worker Capacity 3
Build Rights Tax Gold Coins.png Gold Coins (20)
Maintenance Gold.png Gold (1)
Materials Wood.png Wood (10)

Gathering Hut is one of the buildings in Foundation.

Assigned villagers will work as foragers and produce Berries.png Berries by collecting them from berry bushes in an extraction zone.

Berries.png Berries are the first available food to be sold on the market.

Current calculations for the production:

1 ingame day is 1 ingame minute.

1 worker needs 1 Berries.png Berries every 6th day.

The output of one forager depends on the transit time between the gathering hut and the bushes. If the camp is right next to the berries, 1 forager makes about 3 Berries.png Berries / workday.

The schedule:

2 workday 1 break.

1 forager makes 12 Berries.png Berries every 6th day,

and he consumes 1, producing 11 Berries.png Berries surplus every 6th day.


Total Population / 11 = Needed foragers, or other source of food.

Some research indicates 5 bushes provides 190-200 berries per month, and so can sustain 45-47 villagers

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