Fisher's hut

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Fisher's hut
FishersHut image.jpg
Unlocked By 20 Sert, 6 Template:Resource
Worker Capacity 1
Build Rights Tax Gold Coins.png Gold Coins (20)
Maintenance Template:Resource
Materials Template:Resource

The Fisher Hut is one of the buildings in Foundation.

Assigned villagers will work as fishermen and produce Template:Resourceby fishing from a fishing spot.

Must be placed in the coast or on the shore of a river, preferably near a fishing spot. The fishermen will use a boat to go fish in the water. NOTE: It is vital to position the fisher's hut so that the "pier" end is sticking out into the water as shown in the screenshot on the right. If you don't, your fishermen will not work correctly.

The player will need to unlock the Fisher Hut through the Labor-Tab.

Bad weather affects the output by +20%.