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Death and the Maiden is the sixth episode of Foundation's first season on Apple TV+. It aired on October 22, 2021. The episode was written by Marcus Gardley based on the novels by Isaac Asimov. Jennifer Phang directed the episode.


Brother Day meets Zephyr Halima—a would-be leader who opposes the Empire. Brother Dusk grows suspicious of Brother Dawn.


Brother Day and Demerzel arrive at the Maiden, the central location for Luminism within the galaxy. As Day prepares to meet with representatives of the faith, Demerzeltests his knowledge of the religion which leads to talking about Demerzel's own belief in the faith despite her robotic nature. Arriving at the Salt Palace, the Emperor is greeted solely by Zephyr Halima, who petitioned the Ring of Zephyrs to receive him in this manner, feeling anything else in the face of Proxima Opal's passing would be indecorous.

On Terminus, at the wreck of the Aegis, Rowan takes Commander Kray Dorwin prisoner. In Terminus City, the Anacreons continue to assault the settlement. Phara questions Lewis Pirenne over the original crew manifest of the Deliverance, leading Mari to realise they are looking to repair a jump-capable starship. The Anacreons offer an ultimatum—in return for the help of selected members of Terminus, the rest will be allowed to live. Meanwhile, Poly and Gia rescue Salvor Hardin. Outside Terminus City, Salvor meets up with Abbas and Hugo. They plan to hit the Anacreon corvettes on the geothermal field.

On Trantor, Brother Dawn grows closer to Azura Odili. Brother Dusk introduces Dawn to a new pastime; hunting Ghillie raptors. Difficult to hunt because they blend in with the background, Dawn shows early skill in killing one of them. Eventually, Dawn kills six raptors, but once learning that Dusk's own record is three, bids his aide to hide half his kills. Later, under Dusk's direction, he introduces Dawn to the pleasures of Gossamer Court.

On the Maiden, Brother Day meets with Ambassador Thanwall and Zephyr Gilat. As part of his efforts to support Gilat's rise to Proxima, Day promises to ensure that the moon's inhabitants are never without fresh water again.

As Salvor moves to destroy the corvettes, she is paralysed by a vision of the night Hari Seldon died, leading her to see what happened that night between him and Raych. Abbas takes her place in trying to destory the corvettes, and while he is successful, it comes at a tragic cost.

Azura discovers a secret about Brother Dawn that he has tried to hide, while his success in the hunt is uncovered by Shadowmaster Obrecht. On the Maiden, a stirring speech by Zephyr Halima at Proxima Opal's funeral enhances her chances of being the next Proxima. Hugo makes a play that ensures Phara needs Salvor for the next stage of her plan.



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