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Cleon I is a character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. He is the first Emperor of the Genetic Dynasty, ruling some four hundred years before the events on the series. Cleon I is portrayed by Terrence Mann, first appearing in the episode "Preparing to Live".


Cleon I reflects on his legacy with Demerzal

Near the end of his life, Cleon I planned for himself to be cloned, and an infant version of himself ruling as a successor, rather than choosing to have a spouse or a biological child. Demerzel, his close confidante and advisor, was trusted to watch over the next Emperor. She supported his decision, though told him that he could still produce a natural heir if he wished. She told him that his legacy would live on, and he agreed, though he regretted not being able to live to see the completion of the Star Bridge.[1] Cleon I's body was preserved within the Imperial Palace, and kept as the source of all genetic material for subsequent clones.[2]


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