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Brother Dusk is one of the main characters of the Apple TV+ series Foundation. Brother Dusk is the eldest living member of the ruling Genetic Dynasty of the Galactic Empire. As a retired Emperor, he is unrepentant, opinionated and not to be underestimated. Brother Dusk is portrayed by Terrence Mann, first appearing in the episode "The Emperor's Peace".

General Information[]

Brother Dusk is the retired Emperor of the Galactic Empire, serving as an advisor and mentor to his "brothers", the current Emperor Brother Day, and the ascending Emperor, Brother Dawn. One of the duties carried out by Brother Dusk is to work on the Mural of Souls and add to its legacy.[1]

Cleon XI[]

Cleon XI held the position of Brother Dusk during the events surrounding Hari Seldon's tribunal for high treason and conspiracy to destabilize the Galactic Empire. Dusk is a proponent of killing Seldon and his followers after the revelation that Psychohistory has predicted the fall of the Empire within five centuries. When the Star Bridge was destroyed by terrorists, and Hari was brought before Empire directly, he recommended that ending Imperial cloning could slow the fall by a few more centuries. Dusk reacted angrily to his statement and stormed out.[1] In the months following the fall of the Star Bridge and the creation of the Scar, Dusk visited the ruins and spoke to the Trantorian Seer Priest who had taken an interest in Gaal Dornick. He wanted to know if Gaal truly was a Seer and could see the fall of Empire.[2]

Thirty-five years after the bombing of the Star Bridge, Brother Dusk neared the end of his life and prepared for his ascension. As he did, he became Brother Darkness and his position was taken by the previous Brother Day, Cleon XII. At the ceremony, the new Brother Dawn cried, causing Darkness to believe that something was wrong with the child. However, Demerzel guided him to ascension before he could worry about it further.[3]

Cleon XII[]

Cleon XII became Brother Dusk upon the ascension of the previous Dusk, Cleon XI. As the Cleon who had presided over the Hari Seldon crisis, the bombing of the Star Bridge, and the subsequent attacks on Anacreon and Thespis, the current Brother Day considered that he had left the Empire in turmoil through impulsive actions. Since his watch, insurgency has fermented on Trantor itself as well as other crises. Brother Dusk had planned to travel to attend Proxima Opal's funeral and help install their preferred successor, Zephyr Gilat, to be the new leader of Luminism. However, Day overruled him and bade him stay on Trantor to sort out the crises he had a hand in making.[4]


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