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Brother Dawn is one of the main characters of the Apple TV+ series Foundation. The youngest living member of the ruling clone family, Brother Dawn is next in line to be "Brother Day". Dawn is portrayed by Cooper Carter as a young child, and Cassian Bilton as a young man.

General Information[]

Brother Dawn is the name given to the youngest member of the ruling Genetic Dynasty. Dawn's role is to learn from his elder brothers, Day and Dusk in preparation for the day he takes the middle throne and rules as the primary Cleon.[1]

Cleon II[]

Cleon II ascended to the throne upon the death of Cleon I. The first of the genetic clones taken from Cleon I, this Brother Dawn was an infant when placed in charge of the Galactic Empire.[2]

Cleon XIII[]

As Brother Dawn, Cleon XIII was seven years old when the events surrounding the terrorist attack on the Star Bridge occurred. Learning alongside his brothers, Dawn was present for the arrival of delegations from Anacreon and Thespis to deal with a border dispute, and witnessed the aftermath of fall of the Star Bridge.[1] When Brother Day asked him how he felt following the attacks, Dawn admitted he was scared.[3]

Cleon XIV[]

Cleon XIV was born the same day that Cleon XI became Brother Darkness and ascended. During the ceremony, he cried, causing Darkness to be concerned that something was not right with the child.[2] As he grew into adulthood, Dawn once deliberately threw himself from his chamber window, only to be saved by his protective aura. The only witness was a gardener, Azura Odili.[4]