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The Bridge is one of the possible construction types in Foundation, and is located under the Monument tab. Each bridge is composed of at least 2 end pieces which are attached to land, and 0 or more connecting pieces. The number of connecting pieces needed to build the bridge depends on how long it needs to be. The bridge allows villagers to access separated lands, such as across rivers or valleys. The height of the bridge supports will affect the material cost, meaning that bridges across mountain gaps will cost more than a bridge over a river of the same distance.

The Wooden Bridge is unlocked upon finishing the Builder's Workshop quest. The Stone Bridge is immediately unlocked upon having 10 Citizens.

Materials needed[edit | edit source]

Wooden Bridge[edit | edit source]

A Wooden Bridge needs 20 planks for each end, and 25 planks for each connecting piece. It does not require any upfront cost or weekly upkeep.

Stone Bridge[edit | edit source]

A Stone Bridge needs 60 stones for each end, and 140 stones for each connecting piece. The stone bridge can also include the elements listed below, all of which are only for decorative purposes.

Name Description Benefit

(in standard height)

Construction Cost

(in standard height)

Weekly Maintenance

(in standard height)

Gate An archway - 30 Stones -
Rampart An archway, with a pathway on top - 10 Stones -
Portcullis A pair of grilles for the Gate - 25 Tools

5 Polished Stones

15 Planks

15 Gold Coins
Wooden Railing Railing for the bridge - 10 Planks -
Wooden Gate Railing for the bridge with an arch - 15 Planks -
Tower A stone tower - 10 Stones -
Big Tower A slightly bigger stone tower - 25 Polished Stones -
Wall Banner A banner for the bridge sides +2.50 Kingdom Splendor 70 Gold Coins

10 Cloth

5 Wood

Big Wall Banner A significantly larger banner for the bridge sides - 70 Gold Coins

25 Cloth

10 Wood