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"Her name is Azura Odili. A palace botanist since the age of 13. Her father, deceased, was also an agroecologist in the gardens. Her mother founded a school for the ikebana, now closed."
—Shadowmaster Obrecht to Brother Dawn[src]

Azura Odili is a character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. She is a gardener working at the Imperial Palace who Brother Dawn forges a connection with. Azura is portrayed by Amy Tyger, first appearing in the episode "Barbarians at the Gate."

General Information[]

Azura Odili is a gardener working in the Imperial Gardens. Her father was an agroecologist and her mother opened a school for the ikebana, and Azura had been working in the Imperial Palace since the age of thirteen. Azura bore witness to Emperor Cleon XIV (known as Brother Dawn) jumping from his chamber window, only to be saved by his personal aura, before running off. Dawn developed an interest in her, asking Shadowmaster Obrecht to find out who she was. When Dawn formally introduced himself, Azura recommended natural plants to help with the swelling from his impact injuries.[1]

Dawn continued to visit with Azura, thanking her for her recommendations and showing her his own chambers. Dawn invited her to stand on the ledge, throwing away his forcefield so that the pair would be equal. As he asked about the colors of the roses in the garden, Azura managed to figure out that he was color-blind, which no other Cleon had ever been. Azura told him that his secret would be kept if he pushed her off the ledge; Dawn responded that she could push him if they wanted to. Instead, the pair shared a passionate kiss with one another.[2]

Azura grows closer to Brother Dawn and vice versa. The pair meet in secret, and during this Azura gives Dawn a gift called colour-correction 'hesives. After Dawn declines citing his brothers cannot know about how differences, Azura attempts to convince him that he might be better leaving the Imperial Palace.[3] The pair begin planning Dawn's escape and Azura sets out the route Dawn should take, through the irrigation system.[4]

While at home, Azura is surprised to see that Dawn has arrived a day early. She embraces him and calms him down, telling him to go and take a shower. When he exits the shower room, she is pointing a weapon at him and fires, and she watches him escape. However, he is captured and sedated, awakening in Azura's house sat opposite a clone of himself. Azura joins the two of them after Dawn asked for her, where she reveals her allegiance to a group who wants to take down the Empire from the inside. During which the clone explains to Dawn the reason for his differences and their plan to infiltrate the Empire, she explains to the clone that it's not Dawn's fault for not understanding the Empire's shortcomings, it is just how he was raised. She thanks Dawn for help in this and just as he is taken away, Imperial forces arrive. Brother Dusk speaks with Azura, where she finds out she lead the Empire to her house as they tracked and used the dragon fly drone to there. She is shrouded and taken back to the palace.[4]


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