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Anacreon is a planet within the Periphery of the Outer Reach.

General Information[]

Anacreon is a forested world with a tradition of hunting. One of their songs was about a boy on his first hunt; the song was actually a bawdy tale about a young man's first time with a woman.[1]

Anacreon was involved in a long-standing feud with their neighboring planet, Thespis. Although the Anthor Belt Agreement maintained peace between the two sides, Anacreon believed that Thespis acted in bad faith by mining palladium from a rogue asteroid identified as being from the Anthor Belt. The dispute turned into bloodshed when Imperial appraisers were killed in a crossfire between the two worlds. A delegation was sent, led by Ambassador Xandem, to Trantor in an effort to maintain the peace. As a gift, the Anacreons presented a hunting bow, carved from wood taken from the Tallyn Forest. The wood was the same as that used to create the bow of Anacreon's greatest hunter, Larken Keaen. The bow and accompanying arrows were all made of wood with no metal, showing that they needed palladium.[1]

Following the involvement of an Anacreon Bomber in the destruction of the Star Bridge on Trantor, Emperor Cleon XII ordered Imperial forces to bombard Anacreon in retaliation.[2] The planet was attacked with neutron bombs, which had a low explosive yield but a high amount of ionizing radiation. Fifty percent of the population died within a week, with between twenty and thirty percent of the remaining population dying within the year.[3]


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