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""And then Hari started making waves about the collapse. You know, I couldn't make heads or tails of anything he was saying."
"But you believed in the Plan."
"I believed in a girl named Mari Hardin, who I desperately wanted to go to bed with."
"She believed in the Plan."
"You joined the Foundation for a girl?"
—Abbas and Salvor[src]

Abbas Hardin is a recurring character in the Apple TV+ series Foundation. He is a member of the Foundation, and the father of Salvor Hardin. Abbas is portrayed by Clarke Peters, first appearing in "Preparing to Live."

General Information[]

Abbas lived on the planet Trantor, where his parents worked the Star Bridge. The family was well-off, but knew that the miracles of Trantor were built on deception. Abbas met Mari Hardin and fell for her; when Hari Seldon made his predictions about the fall of the Galactic Empire, Abbas could not really understand what he was talking about. But Mari believed in the Plan and that was good enough for him. He volunteered to join the Foundation alongside her.[3] Abbas travelled onboard the slow ship Deliverance to the planet Terminus. He trained to survive on Terminus alongside Gaal Dornick, Shivaughn, Briwan, and Mari.[2] Upon arrival at Terminus, Abbas was part of the initial survey team that discovered the Vault.[1]

Over the years on Terminus, Abbas and Mari had a child, Salvor Hardin. Abbas took on the role of Warden of Terminus City, and later became the Mayor, relinquishing the role of Warden to his own daughter.[1] Abbas supported Salvor in her role as Warden, including when she took Phara Keaen, the leader of a band of Anacreons who had landed on the planet, captive.[4] He took a leading role in the defense of Terminus City against Anacreon aggression.[5]


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